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Brief Description of Homelands

Homelands Skyline is a premier licensed real estate company in Sri Lanka with its own unique identity. As one of the flagship entities of Homeland Holdings, we have remained rooted to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement based on the unshakable foundation of uncompromising quality, complete customer satisfaction and unparalleled living experience.

Having begun with what was then Sri Lanka’s pioneer portfolio of property development, Homelands, by means of strategic alliances and bold approaches, has now become a beacon of empowerment to the masses, its services reaching grass root level entrepreneurs, high-level corporate executives and the upper medium class.

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The First Company in Sri Lanka to Receive the Highest Grading (L1 & LB1) from CIDA

apartments sri lanka
apartments sri lanka

Resort Apartments Concepts

apartments sri lanka

Gated Community Concept

apartments sri lanka

First Developer in Sri Lanka to Complete and
handover a Housing Project Under Private - PublicPartnership

apartments sri lanka

Innovation and Excellence

apartments sri lanka

Higher ROI in Residential Properties Developed &
Marketed by Home Lands Skyline (Pvt) Ltd

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Homelands Skyline – The First Real Estate Company in Sri Lanka to Move Digital

Homelands Skyline has done it again! For the first time in Sri Lanka, Homelands Skyline has made its mark by being the first real estate company to move digital. “To stay on par with the changing marketing environment, we were able to successfully reorganize our resources to create and boost a strong online presence. Since most […]

February 16, 2021

Real estate industry analysis and predictions by Mr. Nalin Herath – Chairman and Managing Director of Homelands Skyline

How has the Real Estate sector grown in the last five years? What have been the key growth areas, e.g.: land sale, apartments etc. When it comes to living trends in Sri Lanka, we see that we often find people residing in and around central locations.  Due to the lack of infrastructure, traffic and transport, […]

February 15, 2021

Homelands Holding (Pvt.) Ltd. and Homelands Skyline (Pvt.) Ltd., the first company in Sri Lanka to receive the highest grading from CIDA for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Home Lands Holding (Pvt.) Ltd and Home Lands Skyline (Pvt.) Ltd. has earned the highest grading as a registered property developer for maintaining the highest standards in real estate. This certification was presented after being evaluated by CIDA (Construction Industry Development Authority), (successor to ICTAD) for the year 2021. Home Lands Holding (Pvt.) Ltd. was […]

January 15, 2021
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