Investment In Multiple High-Value Properties. Why Is It A Good Idea?

Investment In Multiple High-Value Properties. Why Is It A Good Idea?

If you have owned a single property for several years, investing in a second or third property is an excellent and brilliant way to diversify your investment portfolio and grow your asset base. Investment in multiple high-value residential properties is one of the best possible investment avenues and a great foundation for a long-term wealth-creation strategy. However, owning multiple high-value investment properties is not an easy task. But it does not have to be the hardest task or an impossible task either. Here’s why multiple investment properties are the best real estate investment strategy!

Grow Wealth

Every real estate investor’s final goal is financial independence. However, it is hard to enjoy it when investing in just one property. It is advisable for real estate investors to start with one good real estate property and then grow the real estate investment portfolio eventually by investing in high-value residential properties. Multiple sources of positive cash flow from real estate investment are the ultimate way to grow wealth via real estate investment.


It is best to purchase properties in various key locations in the country and make sure not to invest in just one location. Imagine if an unexpected natural disaster occurs in one region of the country where all your investment properties are in. That alone is a bigger disaster! Do remember that investing and owning multiple high-value residential investment properties will surely help you expand your real estate investment portfolio.

More Rental Income

The most important reason to build a portfolio of multiple rental properties is to make more money from real estate rental. Owning multiple properties means more assured multiple rental income sources. This proves particularly beneficial at times when traditional jobs and sources of income are at risk, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, before you decide to buy a new investment property, it is important to conduct a comprehensive rental property analysis with the help of real estate investment tools. This will show you when planning to buy a new property, how much rental income to expect to enjoy a positive cash flow.

Spread Risks

Residential properties are bound to bounce back from any crisis and a smart way to lower the risk of investing in real estate further is to buy multiple properties. The other best way to do this is to invest in a variety of property types such as apartments, land plots and houses and various property sizes across different market segments. With a well-diversified real estate investment portfolio, you will be able to handle any negative impact on the housing market. In the event, if one of your rental properties is not doing well as expected, you can still depend on your other investment properties. Therefore, investment in multiple residential properties is the best real estate investment strategy to mitigate unexpected risks.

Property Value Appreciation

Property and land value appreciation is the best part of real estate investment, especially for residential real estate investors in Sri Lanka. In the recent past, there is a significant value appreciation across all land properties and residential properties of Home Lands Group. Therefore, all your real-estate investments with Home Lands will go up in market value and earn high ROI than initially expected.

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