Why Investing In Property Is A Good Idea

Why Investing In Property Is A Good Idea

When looking to invest in a property, you will be considering a large investment where you will have minimum maintenance upkeep but will still be able to bring about a profit margin at any given time you decide to sell, lease or rent it out depending on the type of land as well as your personal preference.

Purchasing an apartment in Colombo or investing in a land in Sri Lanka is considered one of the safest investment decisions you can make. This is simply because of two main factors. The first one being despite the value of the land today, you can be definitely be sure to either make some money off it through renting or leasing it out and when the time comes to sell it, you can definitely have a massive mark-up margin and the time or method of use will not affect the selling price of the property. This is simply because the price of land and property only appreciates with time.

What Would Be Considered A Good Investment?

In general terms, an investment will be an act where an individual uses his wealth to finance and purchase any asset which has the value of the cost he or she is willing to pay. A good investment will reap the profits of purchasing the asset within the shortest time and will have a resale value. Property investment is when one purchases land or building from which he or she is looking for a profit to be made off it at a time in the near or far future, depending on the type of property that they are looking to invest in. Right now, in Colombo, the purchasing trend is moving away from central locations and more into upcoming locations in greater Colombo like apartments for sale in Malabe or even houses for sale in Kahathuduwa. Not only are they convenient to reach, many prospective investors and homeowners recognize the rapid appreciation of land value in these areas.


The cost of your investment in property can vary depending on the area, the amenities available in the area and its geographical location. Through the years it is safe to say that this type of investment has become increasingly popular despite the price hike in the cost of investment.

The purchase of property can be of two types. One is of land; where the individual can build or retain, based on his or her long term goals. For instance, one individual may assume that is he or she invests more into a bare land in Colombo and constructs either an apartments in Piliyandala or a commercial building; they will be able to receive a greater profit margin. However, on the other hand there are others who believe that buying a land and not improving on it, and the selling it off later will bring you more profit and a lot less stress.

Either way, it has tuned both an extremely common and most favoured kind of investment found today.