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Luxury Apartments In Colombo Uniquely Crafted To Suit Your Needs

Luxury Apartments In Colombo Uniquely Crafted To Suit Your Needs

The vibrant city of Colombo is bustling with new, luxury apartments designed to offer their residents comfort and a prestigious lifestyle. Living in and around the city of Colombo allows you access to a large selection of restaurants, shopping centres, schools, and a host of other amenities. Although central Colombo was the place to invest in property, greater Colombo has become the hotbed to new investors and individuals looking for a place to call home.

This is simply because there has been a drastic increase in infrastructure and connectivity in terms of transport in comparison to the past couple of years and continues to improve. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large majority of potential buyers are looking for apartments for sale in Malabe () for example, or the greater Colombo area.

Here are a few properties that are worth taking a look at if you are in fact looking to invest in a location that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still in close proximity to the Colombo as well everything that you will need including transport hubs, hospitals and medical centres and even daycares and schools!

Canterbury Golf Apartments – Kahathuduwa - Piliyandala

Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments located in Kahathuduwa - Piliyandala is the first Golf Resort Apartment in Sri Lanka. This Golf resort is set on a 9 - hole golf course and its residential area is designed combining features of a stylish Victorian Architecture is only 20 minutes from Colombo city limits. Positioned and surrounded by natural landscape, its residents can enjoy both the serenity urban living and the connectivity to Colombo.

What sets Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments apart is the 50+ amenities that come with it, most of which has never been offered by an apartment complex before. Some of them include a wellness centre, library, day-care centre, supermarkets, ATMs, indoor and outdoor gym and even a game centre. In addition, to this location being one that can generate a high ROI, the apartment complex has been built on only 10% of the land, reserving the balance 90% for leisure activities within the premises.

Ariyana Resort Apartments - Athurugiriya

Located in Athurugiriya, Ariyana Resort Apartments is the first resort concept apartment in Sri Lanka ( It is conveniently located in close proximity to the Highway in Athurugiriya and close to transport, medical and technological hubs for its resident’s utmost convenience.

It is in close proximity to government and private hospitals, prestigious learning institutions and a variety of restaurant and fast food options ensuring that the residents of Ariyana get value for their investment. It also encompasses an assortment of facilities within the complex and residents are provided with friendly and efficient 5 service and ensure that they support a lifestyle that they always dreamed of.

Not only does this apartment complex adopt the Green Concept brought to you by Homelands Skyline; but ARIYANA Resort Apartments are making resort living less of a dream and more of an everyday reality.

Porshia Skyline Residencies - Nawala

Porshia Skyline Residencies is located right in front of the Wetland Park - Nawala, not only will its residents enjoy a sweeping territorial view of the skyline but it is also in close proximity to a thriving urban centre, banks, the Open University of Sri Lanka as well as public transport, walking distance to the Wetland park cycling and jogging path, restaurants, fast food outlets, supermarkets and a large number of retail stores.

Complete with a gymnasium with modern equipment, a swimming pool, a multi-function room, barbeque pavilion and a rooftop garden; Porshia Skyline Residencies offers you everything that you will need to live in luxury.

The question now arises as to which luxury apartment in Sri Lanka is the best option to invest in?

It is quite the task to select which location you would want to invest in, however, one thing to keep in mind during this process is your requirement, your preferences, your budget and of course your return on investment.

Experience Luxury in Piliyandala