Introducing The Wellness Centre And Spa At Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments & Residencies By Homelands Skyline

Introducing The Wellness Centre And Spa At Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments & Residencies By Homelands Skyline

Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments & Residencies is an innovative concept, located on 30 acres of country landscape in Piliyandala– Kahathuduwa; this golf resort apartment complex is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Homelands Skyline has taken steps to ensure that Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments & Residencies is designed to elevate the day-to-day life of its residents while contributing positively to the state of both their body and mind.   In its pursuit of this, for the first time ever, Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments & Residencies introduces the “Canterbury Wellness Centre” which is architecturally designed to provide an environment for optimal healing; complete with both Western and Ayurveda medical care and a spa, all within the complex itself costing over Rs. 400 million and accommodating a total of 60 luxury beds. Moreover, all the units and facilities are constructed to support easy access for people with a variety of disability requirements.

In addition, about 90% of the project is proposed space for leisure while only 10% of the land is dedicated to the apartment complex. In addition to the 50+ amenities and facilities made available to our residents, Homelands Skyline (Pvt) Ltd is the first property developer in the world to take the initiative and combine both a Western, an Ayurveda medical centre and a spa within an apartment complex itself. This Wellness Centre built in the middle of the property is expected to increase and revalue the price of property within the project at a higher rate than any other property in the area. In addition to this, there will also be a higher rent and resale value of the apartments and residences in this golf resort apartment complex.   Based on our understanding of the dynamics and balance of a healthy body, soul and spirit, we offer a range of health and wellness solutions and combine natural medicine and alternative treatments and service with modern medicine to create the best healthcare available to our resident’s right within the complex itself.

World Class Ayurveda

Clinic and Spa Homelands Skyline has thoughtfully designed a place of health and tranquillity at the heart of the apartment complex. Our world-class Ayurveda spa is set in an all-natural environment and has positioned flexibility and wellness at the heart of the design to ensure that every detail is aimed at investing into the well-being of our residents and customers.   At the Canterbury Wellness Centre, the Ayurveda spa is committed to unlocking the secrets of beauty and health. It is not only focused on making you feel great, but also look beautiful! Our dynamic staff deliver a variety of services ranging from hydrotherapy and Vichy shower to a sauna, pedicures and manicures, to a jacuzzi and offer our residents a unique and personalized experience.

Furthermore, the Ayurveda clinic consists of 10 luxury rooms, provides treatment for herbal skincare, water therapy, and a Shirodhara Ayurveda room in addition to a herbal garden area and a meditation area for yoga.

The Western Medical Centre: Your Family Hospital

Our customer’s health and wellbeing is of paramount importance, we work to ensure that our medical centre conforms to international standards and is run by experienced medical and health care staff. It is equipped

with 30 luxury rooms, channelling for specialists, X-ray unit, OPD, laboratory, vision care and ENT unit, Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU) and even an elderly care / disabled care unit.