How Has Social Media Affected Real Estate In Sri Lanka

How Has Social Media Affected Real Estate In Sri Lanka

Technology has left its mark on almost every industry in Sri Lanka and globally in some way, shape or form and the real estate market is no exception.

Whether you are looking for apartments for sale in Colombo in order to buy for your own use or even for the sake of investment, or even if you are just curious about upcoming apartments in Colombo, social media has come to the rescue.

From the viewpoint of an interested individual or prospective buyer who is looking for a property, social media does not only have direct access to their interests, requirements, preferences and even their purchasing trends but it is also able to provide them with a range of options like luxury apartments in Colombo, for example, that would be a good fit to what they are looking for.

Likewise, from the standpoint of a real estate company, they are able to create brand awareness, providing prospective buyers with information in regards to their available apartments Sri Lanka The real estate industry is being affected both positively and negatively through the introduction of social media as a business tool.

This is a glimpse at the sorts of advancement that social media is bringing to the table and how it ultimately turns a deciding and influencing factor when it comes to deciding which is the best apartments in Colombo to invest in.

With the increased understanding that brand awareness across social platforms has become something that prospective buyers consider one of the deciding factors when it comes to making a purchasing decision, it is wise to take steps to use it to their fullest advantage.

Improves Brand Visibility

One of the main advantages that all businesses that use social media enjoy is the publicity and awareness that you can build on these platforms with virtually no cost at all. Due to the fact that we have over 6.5 million Facebook users in Sri Lanka alone, using this option helps you to not only promote your brand but position yourself in the market simply by being creative.

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Simply put, if an individual was looking for apartments for sale in Malabe, creating a name for your brand will land you among the top options when they begin to look for available options before they look elsewhere, simply because of your strong social media presence


Social platforms have been able to connect people across the globe.

In the area of businesses, mainly real estate, what adds to brand awareness is definitely a strong network base. Keeping in touch with current clients, attract prospective buyers and even past investors and clients has never been easier. In addition, social media provides you with a great advantage of keeping an eye on your competition and staying ahead by either promoting or targeting those who are actively looking to buy apartment in Sri Lanka.

In addition, these platforms encourage learning and continuous improvement where one company learns strategies, tactics and marketing ideas. In addition it encourages collaborations across industries and an overall increase in economic growth.

And finally, not only does it diversify marketing efforts but it also offers platform for flow of verified information and content and boosts website traffic.