Green Living In Colombo, Everything You Need To Know

Green Living In Colombo, Everything You Need To Know

When the world is focused on ensuring and working towards a greener tomorrow by implementing systems and long term methods in place of currently used power sources. It is a growing trend that individuals themselves appear have come to a realization that it is now up to us to take steps to make sure that we conserve as much as we can in order to protect our tomorrow.

However, it is quite easy to misunderstand what exactly one means by “living green”. Some assume it is only recycling or managing waste the correct way, however that is far from what living green actually means.

Adopting a sustainable living lifestyle is about making sustainable choice. It affects everything we do!

How we choose to travel, what we buy and use in our daily living and how we dispose of items, practices currently in place at home and In our work place. All in all, it is a complete revision of our way of life.

When it comes to construction, making sure that you purchase products with only natural ingredients instead of toxic chemicals, use building materials made without toxins are also included.

To live a green home lifestyle also sustains our personal health by avoiding these toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients that pollute the environment in every way. What goes around comes around when the polluted environment causes people, plants and animals to be sick or use Eco-friendly detergent s for laundry, for cleaning floors and washing dishes.

If you are still taking plastic bags home from the grocery store, try and get into the habit of bringing a reusable bag with you. Using less packaging (whether paper or plastic)

Recycling everything that can be recycled plays a big part in ensuring that you are indeed living an eco-friendly life.

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The ultimate target of sustainability and green living is to improve and preserve the planet’s health, which in turn protects the planet for all living beings. Located on a massive 90% land share dedicated to tastefully designed recreational zone plus open areas, lavishly allocated green spaces of exceeding 6 acres and exclusive range of 50+ world-class facilities established within the Canterbury Golf Resort Apartment project premise

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