Benefits Of Living In The Greater Colombo Area

Benefits Of Living In The Greater Colombo Area

Are you thinking of moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the greater Colombo area? You should be.

More people than ever are making the shift from the metropolitan city of Colombo, to places that fall within the greater Colombo area. Colombo is an ever-evolving hub of culture and technology. With the recent surge of infrastructure and connectivity to locations in the greater Colombo area, properties appear along the suburbs and it seems like a vast number of potential homeowners are considering in investing in these places. Locations like Piliyandala- Kahathuduwa, Malabe and even locations like Athurugiriya which was once not even considered a location to invest in a home in, but is now one of the most sought after places to invest in an apartment in Colombo.

Here are four benefits of living in the suburbs to help convince you that you're making the right decision:

You're At Still At The Center Of Everything You Are Looking For

Investing in an apartment like Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments located in Piliyandala – Kahathuduwa provides you with everything that you require to live a life of comfort and convenience.

One of the more advantageous reasons of living in central Colombo is that you are in close proximity to everything you would need.

However, thanks to the improved infrastructure, living in a luxury apartment in Piliyandala which is offered at an unbeatable price is something one would grab on to!

In addition, it includes a host of amenities that you would not get anywhere else, and in close proximity to the entrance to the highway and therefore minutes away from Colombo's business center.

Improve Your Quality Of Life

Besides comparatively less traffic, noise pollution and congestion of any kind, living in locations like Malabe for instance has a large amount of free open space that encourages outdoor activities both for you and your children.

This almost automatically introduces calm and peace into your everyday living and it is something that you will definitely miss out on should you choose to live in a more central area.

Sense Of Community

Locations such as these encourage a stronger sense of community and it is something that is almost automatically cultivated. This is something that is rarely, if not barely, seen among people living in a more central location. Since the location and its surroundings its self brings along a sense of calm with it, individuals are automatically more at peace, more approachable and may even seem recharged after leaving the hustle and bustle behind and living in complete serenity.

All The Amenities One Might Need Is Within Your Reach

Choosing to invest in a luxury apartment in Athurugiriya for instance, also caters to all the amenities one might need to live in absolute comfort. Ariyana Resort Apartment for example It not only caters and provides access and encourages its residents to partake in outside activities, but it also provides them with gyms, pools, basketball and tennis court, mini markets, and even a medical center within its premises its self, giving you a true resort living experience.

Taking all this into consideration, choosing to invest in a location outside of the center of Colombo seems like an amazing investment opportunity as well as a choice that will enrich both your body and soul.

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