Benefits Of Choosing An Apartment Lifestyle

Benefits Of Choosing An Apartment Lifestyle

The discussion over apartment vs house living is a long-standing one. However, over the last few decades, from boomers, Gen X, millennials to Gen Z, have realized the benefits of apartment living. Making the life decision regarding your home type and location has a great impact on your overall lifestyle and happiness. Hence, it’s important to consider why apartment living can be a better lifestyle option for you than living in a house. In short, apartment living is easy living. And, here’s why apartments of Home Lands Skyline stand out from the rest.

Home Lands Skyline is an undisputed key player in the local real estate industry with 10+ successful projects comprising over 2,100 units completed and handed over to its valuable customers. It is also the pioneer in the local real estate industry to introduce, construct and deliver residential construction projects via unique concepts. Ariyana resort apartment - Athurugiriya is the first resort apartment complex in Sri Lanka, Canterbury Golf Resort Apartment - Piliyandala Kahathuduwa is Sri Lanka’s first golf resort apartment to offer an elevated residential experience, Santorini Resort Apartments & Villas - Negombo is Sri Lanka’s first theme park style resort apartments and residencies and the latest milestone project Oceana Beach Resort Apartments – Waduwa, is the first-ever integrated beach resort apartment complex that combines hospitality and residential real estate.

Home Lands Skyline has truly revolutionized ‘resort apartment living’ with a fantastic gated community concept. Each project adheres to world-class standards and offers superior facilities with innovation and excellence in mind. Home Lands Skyline is also the first developer in Sri Lanka to complete and hand over housing projects under a private-public partnership and offers higher ROI in residential properties compared to other industry players.


Financial Flexibility

Home Lands Skyline offers a flexible payment plan with monthly installments. Besides the overall lower monthly payment, the apartments offer a high ROI over the years due to the rise in land value. It is noteworthy that Home Lands has its own construction arm and has no sub-contractors in the way. This guarantees continuity of the project and successful completion on time. Hence, whether you’re paying on credit or saving money to own a home, an apartment from Home Lands Skyline is the best investment option in the short-term and long-term!

Easy Maintenance

The top reason for choosing an apartment is the ease of maintenance. Home Lands Skyline offers support for all your house repairs, preventative maintenance and overall property care at a reasonable cost. The peace of mind associated with easy maintenance is truly priceless!

Luxury Amenities

Unlike houses, Home Lands Skyline apartments come with a range of luxury facilities and conveniences with you in mind. From swimming pools, gyms, convenience stores, child care centres, and restaurants to medical centres, facilities are offered directly on the premises or nearby. Apartment living is a convenient living arrangement for a reason!


When deciding to live in an apartment or house, safety is always a top priority. Living in an apartment with other residents gives added safety and security that you wouldn’t find in a home. All Home Lands Skyline apartments offer gated communities, controlled access, 24*7 security cameras, extra fire protection and many more safety measures. This makes apartment living perfect for singles, families, the elderly and anyone who wants peace of mind.

Convenient Spaces And Size

The residential units of any Home Lands Skyline Apartment are designed with convenient spaces and ample floor area catering to the resident’s requirements. From a spacious living room, aesthetically designed bedrooms and fitted bathrooms to a well-equipped kitchen – each apartment space is well planned out and designed for a great lifestyle.

Community Living

Living in a close-knit community with many neighbours means new friendships blossom and creates a harmonious living environment. Sometimes, apartment life creates lifelong connections!


Home Lands Skyline apartments are in Sri Lanka’s best geographic locations with proximity to schools, offices, hospitals, grocery stores, public transportation, shops and anything else you need. This allows the young and the old to perform daily living tasks with less difficulty.

Excellent Customer Service

At Home Lands Skyline, offering superior customer service is a top priority. We are also committed to delivering efficient and effective aftersales service once a unit is purchased from us. Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with our client and continue offering high-quality services.

Overall, apartment living is easy living and is best for anyone who needs a place to call home. Now that you can see the clear winner, simplify your life with Home Lands Skyline apartments.