Treasure Trove Residencies in Borella by Home Lands Skyline is exclusively des"> Treasure Trove Residencies in Borella by Home Lands Skyline is exclusively des"> Treasure Trove Residencies Borella | Apartments in Sri Lanka


June 24, 2022

Treasure Trove Residencies in Borella by Home Lands Skyline is exclusively designed to meet your need and desire to be at the center of everything. Ideally set in a spectacular location with a rich history, Treasure Trove Residencies is physically and symbolically a breathtaking architectural concept. The interior and exterior exude an ancient charm with a colonial and Victorian flare, which distinguishes it from the surrounding metropolitan buildings.

Treasure Trove Residencies is located in the city center, offering every luxury of urban life. The architecture is truly unique, exclusive and has elements of regal colonial and Victorian style.  The prime attraction is its central location, glorious views and endless conveniences offered by nearby educational institutions, hospitals, shopping complexes, entertainment centres, social clubs, restaurants, major highways, and even bird sanctuaries and parks. Treasure Trove has no compromise on luxury, design, style and opulence!  

Radiating an ancient charm, the Treasure Trove Residencies is truly a kind of its own and is the perfect fit for individuals and families who wish to enjoy the very best of comfort and luxury. We adopted a rustic colonial and Victorian design instead of a modern outlook to preserve the beautiful heritage of its charismatic location – “Treasure House”. Living up to its name, every residential unit of Treasure Trove Residencies radiates royal elegance, luxury and high-end comfort. 

The overall complex is designed as a studio, two/three/four-bedroom apartment penthouses and duplexes. Each apartment has a designated parking slot, modern pantry units, bathrooms with the best sanitary fittings and many more facilities. The premium floors -13th, 14th and the rooftop will consist of 11 super luxury apartments. Overall, the property is furnished with a fully equipped modern gymnasium, rooftop swimming pool, garden, table tennis, clubhouse, rooftop terrace and many more indulgences. 

A lifetime living experience awaits you at Treasure Trove Residencies!

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