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June 24, 2022

Home Lands Skyline’s Sparkles Residencies is a unique residential project in Malabe combining simplicity and luxurious elegance. Malabe is one of the fastest developing towns in Sri Lanka, and we are pleased to elevate its residential landscape with Sparkles – a beautiful and modern housing complex. 

Sparkles Skyline Residencies is strategically located in the natural and picturesque landscape of Malabe whilst benefiting from its infrastructural advantages of the locality. The gated community of Sparkles offers four types of houses – Glint, Shimmer, Sapphire and Ruby. Being Colombo’s neighboring high-tech city, Malabe also offers the friendliest neighbourhood at Sparkles which makes it perfect for harmonious residential living. The beautifully designed property is close to the outer circular highway, reputed educational institutes, leading hospitals, main trunk roads, government offices and many other facilities. 

Home Lands Skyline takes pride in developing this charming residential property concept and named the stylish homes to represent the four priceless jewels – Ruby, Jade, Amethyst and Chrystal. The project accommodates 85 spacious three and four-bedroom houses, with each unit owning a beautifully landscaped garden stretch with assured greenery and privacy. This is another key milestone in our remarkable journey!

The floor area of the houses ranges from 1,300 to 1,500 square feet and includes private parking and maid facilities. Exclusively catering to the growing demand of society’s middle and upper-middle-class segment and aspiring professionals’ residential needs, this fast-tracked metropolitan offers a fantastic built-up and vertical living experience. Sparkles housing project also offers a gymnasium, swimming pool and clubhouse for its residents. 

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