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March 1, 2022



Home Lands Group is the largest residential real estate solution provider in Sri Lanka, owning 45% of the market share. CIDA has certified Home Lands Skyline (Pvt) Ltd and Home Lands Holding (Pvt) Ltd as the Highest-Grade Property Developer with LB1 and L1 status. Home Lands was recognized as the Most Preferred Brand in the Residential Real Estate Sector as per the recent Brand Health Survey by RIU. Also, Home Lands Skyline (Pvt) Ltd was awarded as the Best Developer in Sri Lanka by PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards in 2021. Moreover, Home Lands Skyline was assigned a National Long-Term Rating of ‘A(lka)’ with a Stable Outlook by Fitch Ratings.

Home Lands Skyline was assigned a National Long-Term Rating of ‘A(lka)’ with a Stable Outlook by Fitch Ratings which is a reliable international agency that is located in more than 30 countries and controls approximately 15% of the ratings market. This credit rating reflects the company’s expanding market position in its markets and healthy financial profile supporting its growth plans in the medium terms. Home Lands Skyline provides its investors and customers a firm assurance of the company to act in their best interest before arriving at their investment decisions.

Home Lands Group is the largest residential real estate solution provider in Sri Lanka, owning 45% of the market share. It is known for its exquisite land plots and opulent residential spaces aimed at the local and global masses. Home Lands Group was founded in 2003 and marked an era of exceptional growth in the residential real estate industry. Currently, the company comprises nine (09) well-established companies which make it a 360-degree total solutions provider, and is the undisputed leader in the residential real estate sector in Sri Lanka.

Home Lands Skyline was awarded the deserved title and the most prestigious award in the residential real estate sector of ‘Best Developer – Sri Lanka’, proving its position as Sri Lanka’s No. 1 property developer at the Annual PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2021. When the ceremony night ends, the company had received six other awards which was a magnificent triumph to be recognized amongst the 135 companies which were in contention for this year’s regional accolades.

As per the recent RIU brand health survey, Home Lands was recognized as the Most Preferred Brand in the Residential Real Estate Sector and the No.1 Brand with the Highest Brand Awareness among local prospective customers and the diaspora. This is merely because of the virtue of bringing stylish and modern residential solutions to their valued customers coupled with outstanding customer service.

According to Neilsen, 85% of customers trust recommendations from family and friends over any other type of advertising. As per the RIU study, Home Lands Group was rated No.1 in potential brand referrals and No.1 on ‘Top of the Mind Recall’.

In addition, CIDA has certified Home Lands Skyline (Pvt) Ltd and Home Lands Holding (Pvt) Ltd as the first real estate companies in Sri Lanka with the Highest-Grade Property Developer (LB1 and L1) status, assuring the company’s strength and the capability in construction to all its stakeholders.

Home Lands Skyline claims to develop the Largest Residential Real Estate Development in Sri Lanka which is the Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments and Residencies project, which is South Asia’s 1st Golf Resort Apartments project. The project features a lavish array of Victorian- architecture inspired Golf View Apartments. The project extends to 55 acres and consists of 1200 residential units with over 50 amenities.

Santorini is Sri Lanka’s 1st Theme Park Style Resort Apartment and Residencies project, which is a gated community of 396 residential units built on 17 acres of land in a prime location in Negambo. It offers apartments and residencies complex based on the architectural designs of Santorini with a Theme Park, bringing a touch of Greece Architecture to the city of Negombo. Fitness Park, Kids Park, Water Park, Green Park, Community Park, Food Park, Entertainment Park, Game Park, and Wellness Park are among the 9 theme parks offered by Santorini Apartments & Residencies. This project is organized into four zones: Entertainment & Shopping Zone, Activity Zone, Diplomatic Zone, and Housing Zone.

Home Lands Skyline was the first real estate company in Sri Lanka to implement the Blue Ocean Strategy in the residential real estate sector and came up with the novelty concept of Resort Apartments. Home Lands Skyline is transforming the dynamics of the residential real estate industry innovatively with this concept. Ariyana was their 1st Resort Apartment Project, and it was successfully completed in March, 2021 with 344 residential units expanded on 11 acres of land.

Continuous observation of market traits helped the company to understand the needs of resort apartment complexes. Our continuous research and developments identified the need of the Colombo commuters to reside in a residence that is calm and quiet yet close to the metropolitan city.

Through completing over 550 lands projects and over 3500 apartments as well as individual housing projects, Home Lands believes to be etched their brand name in peoples’ minds. This relationship they built with people ever since 2003 is now being reflected and reinforced through the industry studies and awards.

Implementation of the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ has opened a new market space resulting in the emergence of ‘Affordable Luxury’, which helped Home Lands Skyline to increase the buyer value and lower cost at the same time. Moreover, Home Lands Skyline focuses its sustainability through Triple Bottom Line, i.e. 3Ps. The company gives due attention not only for Profits but also for People and Planet. Home Lands Skyline Developments distinguish from other development by their great attention to the environment. Also, the company focus on employees, social health, societal well-being, and quality of life. Attention is given to prime locations, in addition to allowing their customers to live with everything on their doorstep – supermarkets, schools coffee shops, stunning views, great architecture, nature-loving environment, allowing natural light to fill the home are included in our intriguing residents’ facilities. Resort Apartment projects are blended with nature and it increases residents’ moods, feels warm energy through their home, and multiplies their satisfaction levels.

As a result of Home Lands Group being comprised of fully integrated subsidiary companies providing different real estate related services, it has higher efficiency, consistency, and speed which build the confidence of their customers in the company’s real estate developments.

When focusing on the need for residential real estate, one of the critical factors to consider is the current population and urbanization. The expected population in the country is expected to reach 24 million by 2030, and a 0.39% increase in the year 2021 alone. Sri Lanka’s current rate of urbanization stands at 1.22% and is expected to rise by 3% – 4% per year. Colombo District has the highest population density of 3,512/km², and it is constantly growing. 28% of the total population is located in the Western Province, which is equivalent to 6% of the total area of the island. Therefore, demand for residential real estate is growing as Sri Lanka requires around 100,000 units per year to close the housing deficit by 2030. However, only 25,000 units are being built each year. The annual real estate market report of the RIU 2020/21 demonstrates that the industry operated with tenacity and perseverance over the previous year despite the economy’s exceptional problems. Moreover, the studies revealed that over the next 2-3 years, Sri Lanka would experience an undersupply of residential real estate assets, and real estate would become a seller’s market due to the post-COVID-19 demand surge. However, this would be a limited opportunity which is expected to continue until mid-2023.

Despite the challenges in the prevailing business environment, Home Lands Skyline remains confident in the residential real estate industry and looks to invest in new concepts leveraging its extensive experience in the industry. They maintain the newness of each project and they excel at creating exceptional buyer value while creating favourable investment opportunities even in an uncertain market. The year 2022 seems another winning year for Home Lands Skyline as they come up with another splendid project in Wadduwa, Sri Lanka. It seems they keep on marking that they are the Undisputed Market Leader in the Residential Real Estate Sector in Sri Lanka.

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