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Home lands skyline achieves outstanding construction progress for ariyana resort apartments, athurugiriya

ARIYANA Resort Apartment project has marked completion of 75% of the structural work & 40% of the entire construction work by end March/2019; demonstrating 03 months ahead of schedule construction progress.

OK DSC 1192The project, which has been highly commended as a timely concept bridging the traditional residential apartment space to a vibrant resort apartment life is the very 1st Resort Apartment Concept in Sri Lanka.

Located in an 11 Acre terrain in Athurugiriya with stress-free access to commercial, occupational & educational epicenters, ARIYANA Resort Apartment Complex consists 08 low-rise blocks, climbing up to 05 levels, accommodating overall 344 units of 2, 3 & 4 bedroomed residential apartments. The array of 50+ amenities installed within the project simplifies daily chores of its residents.

Retaining the essence of natural environment, we have set aside a generous 80% of the project extent as the recreational area, which encircles paddy fields, water features, breezy outdoors & walking paths running through natural foliage.

Team Home Lands Skyline is constantly working with the country’s leading Architects & Structural Engineering and Project Management experts, with the intent of securing the promised exclusivity of ARIYANA Resort Apartment Complex.

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