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Homelands Holding (Pvt.) Ltd. and Homelands Skyline (Pvt.) Ltd., the first company in Sri Lanka to receive the highest grading from CIDA for the first time in Sri Lanka Investment Properties In Sri Lanka

January 15, 2021

Home Lands Holding (Pvt.) Ltd and Home Lands Skyline (Pvt.) Ltd. has earned the highest grading as a registered property developer for maintaining the highest standards in real estate. This certification was presented after being evaluated by CIDA (Construction Industry Development Authority), (successor to ICTAD) for the year 2021.

Home Lands Holding (Pvt.) Ltd. was registered as an “L1 Grade” property developer in the category of “Land” and their apartment development arm, Home Lands Skyline (Pvt.) Ltd. was registered as a property developer of the “LB1 Grade” in the category of “Land and Buildings” which is the highest grade available.This certification further enhances the quality of the real estate and investment properties in Sri Lanka offered by Home lands Skylines.

Home Lands Holding (Pvt.) Ltd and Home Lands Skyline (Pvt.) Ltd. is proud to announce that they are the first company in Sri Lanka that was awarded this grading (L1 and LB1).

Home Lands Holding (Pvt.) Ltd has carried out more than 380 land development projects and Home Lands Skyline (Pvt.) Ltd. has designed and built 2747 apartments units and individual houses in various projects, most of which are completed and handed over to their residents.

Homelands Skyline has revolutionized the real estate industry in Sri Lanka by constructing Ariyana Resort Apartment – Athurugiriya which is the first resort concept apartment in South Asia with 352 apartment units, Canterbury Golf Apartment, Piliyandala – Kahathuduwa which is the first golf apartment in Sri Lanka with 784 units, Elixia 3C’s – Malabe with 336 apartment units, Green Valley with 354 apartment units and the new project starting this year located in Negambo, with a total of 384 units.

“Receiving this grading is a testament to skill, hard work and dedication. This rating confirms our ability and is strong indicator of our commitment to quality and excellence. We have many things to be proud of at Homelands Group of Companies and our achievement of the highest grading for both land and apartments for the first time in Sri Lanka is one of them.” Chairman and Managing Director of Homelands Group, Mr Nalin Herath said.

This registration scheme was instituted by ICTAD and is currently being continued by CIDA. The organizations were graded in accordance with the evaluation of the property developer carried out by CIDA mainly on his financial capability, the technical ability with staff, plant & machinery, and the experience gained in relevant fields.

The goal of the certification and the grading scheme provided by CIDA (Construction Industry Development Authority) is to provide prospective customers with the information required to make an educated decision in regards to their purchases in real estate.With the CIDA certification Home Lands Skylines can further ensure that the highest standards will be met when customers are investing in real estate and investment properties in Sri Lanka.

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