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Where To Invest In A Home If You Enjoy Peace Of Mind And Convenience

Where To Invest In A Home If You Enjoy Peace Of Mind And Convenience

Choosing to invest in one of Sri Lanka's luxury properties is a gateway to experiencing intense luxury with some enticing beauty and relaxation. Comfort has not been compromised in any of Homelands Skyline's luxury properties. The rooms are opulent with a unique design and peaceful atmosphere, making it an excellent place to invest in a home. This fantastic atmosphere that these properties provide making it an attractive and pleasing place to call home.

Canterbury Golf Resort Apartment And Villas - Piliyandala

The Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments and Residencies venture's distinct character includes an 80 percent land share dedicated to an elegantly planned recreational zone in addition to open spaces, rich cut of greenery, and an elite scope of 50 plus amenities for the convenience of its residents. This is in addition to a 9-hole golf course, café, library, pool, indoor and open-air gyms, a mini-mart, and a wellness hospital, all within the complex its self. It recently introduced the second phase of the project which included 158 Canterbury Golf Villas, designed by renowned architect Mr. Phillip Weeraratne and Canterbury Lexus - which comprise 240 modern apartments.

Ariyana Resort Apartments - Athurugiriya

For the first time in Sri Lanka, the Resort Apartment Concept with over 50 activities was enthusiastically presented, redefining luxury apartment living. The project offers their residents a breathtaking view while encouraging them to spend more time with nature and a host of amenities that will positively contribute to their mind, body, and soul.

Treasure Trove - Borella

The city of Colombo has evolved over time. The horizon, structures, administration centers, entertainment areas, shopping arcades, parks, and even the appeal and approach to certain areas have shifted the city's pivot. The concept of Treasure Trove Residencies arose in order to address your issue of being at the center. It is an ideal location with a rich historical and literal legacy. This property is a prominent and eye-catching location for antiques in Colombo. The structure plan (interiors and exteriors) offers slight Colonial & Victorian energy, setting it apart from other apartment projects in the city.

Porshia - Nawala

The Porshia Skyline Residencies - Nawala is located in an affluent neighborhood. Nawala has become a sophisticated location and this is where Porshia Skyline Residencies is located.   A modern tower built on the idea that all-around structured apartments promote peace of mind, luxury, and convenience; an ethos that mirrors the commitment to high-density happiness. The 13 levels of intriguing design create a monumental structure that blends flawlessly into the prestigious neighborhood with their stylishly designed two and three-bedroomed apartments- all to offer you an unprecedented way of life.

Home Lands Skyline offers many options for real estate investment in Sri Lanka. These residences come with different amenities and are spanned over different locations in the city of Colombo. This makes real estate investment in Sri Lanka much easier due to the availability of multiple choices for real estate investment in Sri Lanka.