Top Tips - What To Look For When Viewing A New Property

Top Tips - What To Look For When Viewing A New Property

Finding a new house you want to buy is an exciting learning process. The house might look great in pictures, but when it comes to viewing the house for the first time there are many key points to consider. The whole purpose of viewing a home for the first time is deciding whether or not it's for you. Sometimes you need to think about what is missing at the property and what is there. It helps you take a deeper look and decide if it’s worth adding to your shortlist and ultimately buying. Here are a few key aspects to look for when viewing a house that is truly worth pursuing!

Shape, Size & Space

First and foremost, look for the house layout to know the size and shape of each living space and room. Walk into every room and corner space and think about how the furniture will fit or be arranged. It is also important for you to check the dimensions for accuracy. Also remember, when you are viewing a property, it’s likely that it is arranged in a manner to look spacious for viewing. Also, a brand-new property will be empty and seem bigger because it would not have any furnishings. Therefore, when viewing a property, imagine yourself living in the property along with all your belongings. Ask yourself, will all my belongings fit comfortably in here?


This is another important thing to check when viewing a house though it may be or may not be in your initial search criteria. If it is, do confirm your parking space and location. Do note that parking space is dependent on the vehicle size. Just like the rooms where you want to fit your furniture, make sure your vehicle will be able to fit in the allocated parking area, and be able to get out of the car easily.


We tend to forget about the natural lighting of the house whilst looking for everything else. This is a very important factor that plays a key role in the buying decision and later when living in the house. Therefore, keep a close eye on the window sizes, other openings and their placements in the house. Pay close attention to what time of the day you’re viewing the house and how the light falls inside. Sometimes, you may view a house midday in the sunlight and won’t realize that certain rooms may have less to no light fixtures!

We repeat, pay careful attention to lighting.

Location & Neighborhood

If you’re going to view the property in the late evening or at night, have a look around the neighborhood. Generally, a property looks and feels very different during daytime and nighttime. This way, you will know whether you want to be in here after dark or if the street lights go on. It’s always recommended to take a stroll around the local town or neighborhood to evaluate the proximity of everyday essentials and services to the property you are viewing. Some key things to consider are access to the main road from the property, traffic noise, public transport links, proximity to important services (supermarket, hospital, pharmacy, school, corporate offices) and many more.

Building Structure

Finally, whilst focusing so much on the interior of the property don’t forget to look at the exterior. If it is a house, make sure to walk around the outside of it and look out for any signs that could lead to a problem later and make it an issue whilst living in the house. Watch out for signs of dampness, loose roof tiles, broken guttering, cracks in the walls and functioning of the utilities and many more.

After all, buying a new house and making it your home is a very big decision and an important investment. Take your time going through each aspect carefully and make sure it is the house you want to live in – every day!