Top 08 Background Checks To Do About Your Real Estate Partner

Top 08 Background Checks To Do About Your Real Estate Partner

Planning to buy a property in Sri Lanka? As the first step, you must find the best real estate company in the country. Some companies can be trusted and will offer great service and there are some which don’t deliver the promise. Here are the top 08 background checks to do, before choosing your real estate partner.


Firstly, the reputation of the chosen real estate company should be trustworthy and reliable. Doing proper research about the company’s track record is key! It would be great if you can get to know the genuine feedback and references from customers who have previously obtained the company’s services. Check out the previously done projects and all the online reviews as well. If you wish to confirm further, you can verify the company details with local authorities as well.


Secondly, it is very important to know the exact services offered by your potential real estate company. By doing this, you can also get to know whether the company is providing you with all the support you need during this process. Did the company offer you complete assistance? Do they have experienced professionals? Is the sales team trained to handle customers and negotiations effectively? Confirm these key matters with the company before hiring them.


Thirdly, ensure that your real estate company knows what exactly you are looking for in a property and should be able to explain the whole process to you in detail. Also, they should be able to answer all your questions and address any concerns you might have regarding the property purchase. Besides, the company should be able to meet your specific requirements within the agreed timeline and work committedly in your best interest without any issues.


Find out whether the professionals and staff members of the potential real estate company are adequately experienced, skilled and capable of doing the job taken - in the most professional manner. Their behaviour and level of professionalism towards you matter since you will be working closely together throughout the entire property buying process. Therefore, it is best to choose a company that has skilled and qualified employees and knows how to handle customers with respect.


Before signing the ‘Sales & Purchase Agreement’ with your real estate company, find out the communication plan they offer and how often they will contact you. Apart from direct phone calls to your allocated agent, get to know the time duration required from the company’s end to respond to your emails or text messages. It is important, that you should be able to communicate with them easily since you are dealing with an important matter such as buying a property.


Your real estate company should have expert knowledge of the current market conditions and should give you accurate information regarding the property’s potential value. Also, check for customer references and find out how many properties the company has sold in the past years. If there are many good ratings and positive reviews, that’s a good sign! It shows they are experienced enough to handle your project successfully and deliver it to you as promised.


Customer after-sales service is key, always! Therefore, offering superior customer service is a top priority. Ensure the chosen company is committed to delivering efficient and effective aftersales service once a unit is purchased from them. After-sales service of properties has a very important value for the real estate and will establish a long-term partnership with the client.


Your chosen real estate company should always be transparent in business dealings – especially when dealing in millions of LKR. You should be able to ask the company anything regarding the property purchase and they should provide you with all the relevant documents related to the sale of your property. This is very important!