Investment In Residential Real Estate. Doing It The SMART Way!

Investment In Residential Real Estate. Doing It The SMART Way!

Real estate investment is a lucrative investment option and allows you to diversify your existing investment portfolio and boost your finances - if handled the SMART way. However, the key challenge is that many new investors do not have the basic knowledge about real estate investment and on how to grow their wealth by making it a steady income stream. There are some key real estate investment strategies that should be followed - to achieve your real estate investment goals. First of all, develop your personal real estate investment plan and every goal of the plan must be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timed.


The first step is to fix a specific goal. Decide whether you want to invest in one property and enjoy a steady income or buy several properties and resell for a higher profit margin. Whilst deciding on your specific goal, consider whether it will be a long-term or short-term investment, the amount of time and money you can spend on this matter and its priority level in your life – to decide on the best investment strategy. By setting a specific real estate investment goal you can choose the most suitable real estate company that would meet your requirement.


All your real estate investment goals should be measurable before you get started with it. A measurable goal would be like, ‘I want my investment to have a 30% Return on Investment (ROI) within a year, or ‘I want an investment with an LKR 200,000 monthly income’. Having such measurable goals will help you evaluate the performance of your real estate investment from time to time. To make it even easier, you can use a reliable online analysis tool to select the best real estate investment option that will offer you a high ROI and measure your overall investment performance. Get started!


If you’re enthusiastic and ambitious, that’s good! That spirit will drive you to achieve your real estate investment goals. However, that alone is not enough! The goals must be achievable. As a real estate investor, you should set investment goals that are practical and can be accomplished in a certain time period with the available resources. To know whether the real estate investment goal can be achieved or not, do your calculations via a reliable online analysis tool to get the numbers right. This is key!


Real estate investment goals should be realistic. That’s the key to success! This means you should set realistic investment goals and measure performance according to your available finances, the investment property, the time period and the efforts dedicated for the investment. For example, you can’t start with a small capital and expect to become wealthy from one real estate investment or maintain many properties by yourself whilst working in a hectic full-time job. It is advised that your real estate investment goals should be as realistic as possible to be successful.


Every single aspect of your real estate investment plan has to be timed. It’s not practical to expect high ROI without setting the time needed for the goal to be achieved. Even long-term investment plans should be divided into short-term timelines to analyze the performance of the investment. Also, having time-bound real estate investment goals will prevent rushing to the final goal. By studying market analysis tools, you can learn more about your investment property and about the area. This will give you more clarity about the required time to achieve a certain goal.


Though there are many strategies present in the market, the SMART criteria will focus your attention on the key factors that will lead you to success in your real estate investment goals. Afterall, a smart real estate investor will follow the SMART criteria and set smart real estate investment goals. Are you one?