House Vs Apartment Which Is The Best Option For You?

House Vs Apartment Which Is The Best Option For You?

The house vs apartment living debate has been ongoing forever and will continue to do so. Choosing the right property that meets your lifestyle requirements and preferences can be tricky. Sometimes, it is difficult to decide whether you need an apartment or a house – which is a normal dilemma. Here are some key factors to consider before you decide.


In short, apartments are perfect living space and investment for a couple or a small family. However, there will be space restrictions that can limit your living experience.

Living in a house gives you more space to fulfill your preferences and requirements. Even if you choose to live in a small house, you can still enjoy more living space if there are more bedrooms. However, this means the cost of living is higher in a house, due to higher utility bills and overall higher maintenance costs.


One of the key advantages of buying an apartment is that it offers a wide range of luxury facilities under one roof - to live a comfortable and convenient life. Apartment living has become popular now more than ever due to this very reason. From parking facilities and gymnasiums to convenient stores and swimming pools, the facilities offered by high-end apartments are becoming endless.

On the other hand, living in a house lets you enjoy personalized conveniences such as owning an indoor swimming pool, personal driveway, landscaped garden and many more luxuries. Hence, choosing an apartment or house depends on your need for facilities and services.


Privacy is a key factor to consider when choosing a property to live in for several years. It is important to evaluate the type of privacy offered by a house and in an apartment living.

An apartment does not offer the same level of privacy as a house does. Though apartments are designed in a manner allowing residents to enjoy as much privacy as possible, sharing walls and common spaces with your neighbors is not always the best experience. It is due to this reason that many buyers prefer buying a house over an apartment.

Get to know the level of privacy you'll have before investing in a property. Also, make sure it is what you and your partner/ family need to lead a comfortable life.


In general, residential apartments are located in commercial areas or places with well-connected infrastructure, living essentials, transport links and other relevant facilities to lead a comfortable everyday life. However, spacious houses are mostly located in distant locations and suburbs which are not close to public transport and other everyday essentials.

Deciding on a house or apartment depends on the area in which you prefer to live in. Therefore, make sure that the apartment or house you choose is close to important and basic facilities such as supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, schools, corporate offices, parks and others.


Many of us love to live with pets. If you are a dog or cat lover, living in an apartment is a challenge. In general, many apartments do not allow pets for residential living and are not preferred by the other residents.  Looking after and maintaining your dog or cat within a restricted space is almost impossible – unless it’s a fish tank!

This issue will not be there if you choose a house with a garden. As a pet owner, you will have sufficient space to take care of your pet and do the needful.

So it all comes down to how important your pet is to you!


Deciding on buying a house or apartment is a big one. But if you compare the pros and cons of living in both types of properties whilst considering your budget, your family size and your lifestyle preferences - you'll have the answer!