Home Lands Skyline Remains Unaffected Despite The Construction Material Import Ban In Sri Lanka. Here's What You Need To Know!

Home Lands Skyline Remains Unaffected Despite The Construction Material Import Ban In Sri Lanka. Here's What You Need To Know!

We are all aware of the import ban imposed by Sri Lanka. And especially, how the construction material import ban has adversely affected the local construction industry. The impact has been so huge and continues to be hard, though some efforts are taken to make the situation better. The last two years have been the most challenging times for the construction industry of Sri Lanka with having to face blows one after the other. At one point, the entire industry came to a complete standstill!

Despite the construction material import ban for property developers in Sri Lanka, Home Lands Skyline remains unaffected and continues to progress with its residential projects. How? The construction material import ban is exclusively imposed on constructors in Sri Lanka. Home Lands Skyline being a property developer with a complete in-house solution, is exempted from this rigorous import ban and therefore has been able to continue smooth operations as usual. Further, the company has all the required construction materials for its projects at market-regulated prices and not artificially inflated prices. As a trusted household name, Home Lands Skyline takes pride in meeting and exceeding customer expectations despite the tough times faced by the entire construction industry and the nation as a whole.

As an undisputed pioneer and key player in the Sri Lankan real estate industry, Home Lands Skyline has a spanning portfolio of real estate and housing projects across the island. The company is widely recognized for its unique and outstanding apartment projects that offer luxury and opulence. It introduced the first-ever resort concept apartment in South Asia with Ariyana Resort Apartments in Athurugiriya with 352 apartments, the very first golf resort apartments in Sri Lanka - Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments in Piliyandala Kahathuduwa with over 1200 apartments and houses, and also Sri Lanka’s first theme park-style resort apartments and residencies project - Santorini Resort Apartments and Residencies in Negombo. As the pioneer to introduce industry trends and groundbreaking living concepts in Sri Lanka, Home Lands Skyline continues to explore new ways to offer improved residential solutions to its valued customers.

With the rising demand for residential real estate in Sri Lanka, the local property value is continuing to appreciate like never before. From advanced landscaping to investor-friendly real-estate policies, the Sri Lankan real estate market is an attractive and lucrative destination for local and foreign investors. With Home Lands Skyline being the #1 key player in the local real estate industry, investors are rewarded with high returns in the short run and long run and the land value and property value of each project continue to appreciate over the years.

In a nutshell, real estate investment with Home Lands has always been the safest and most secure investment option for many. Time after time, the Sri Lankan real estate market continues to grow despite all challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic and the present local economic crisis. Besides, it is the best way to hedge against inflation and safeguard wealth – especially in Sri Lanka.

In recognition of its sustained world-class standards in all construction projects over the years, Homelands Skyline was awarded as the “Best Developer in Sri Lanka” at the Asia Property awards 2021 and received the prestigious status of “A (lka) Stable” by FITCH ratings for its solid financial stability. Further, Home Lands Constructions received the highest status standard of “CS1” from the ‘Construction Industry Development Authority’ (CIDA) reflecting its construction capability in the local construction industry. In RIU’s market research, Homelands Skyline was identified as the “Most preferred real estate brand in Sri Lanka”, which further highlights the customer goodwill and trust held upon the brand and company for two decades since its inception.