Future Residential Construction Is Limited. Invest Today In Our Luxury Apartments And Enjoy Property Value Appreciation!

Future Residential Construction Is Limited. Invest Today In Our Luxury Apartments And Enjoy Property Value Appreciation!

During the past decade, the country has witnessed an extraordinary development of high-end residential, commercial space, hotel and resort construction, and infrastructure - recording an unmatched growth in the local construction sector like never before. However, despite the radical growth of the construction industry, especially the prospering of residential real estate properties, the overall construction sector of Sri Lanka is about to slow down from now onwards.

As we are aware, the economic crisis in Sri Lanka and the rough road ahead to recovery will hinder the growth prospects of the country’s construction sector from flying high. However, despite the imposed import restrictions, acute shortage of construction materials and skyrocketing prices of raw materials – Home Lands Skyline continues to progress with its construction projects as per the original plan.

As a nation, Sri Lanka has to look within the present uncertainty for the most opportunities it provides. Even the next wave of the real estate sector seems unpredictable due to prevailing uncertainties and mounting challenges. It is now anticipated that the future of residential construction in Sri Lanka will become limited to a great extent. Besides, the real estate sector in Sri Lanka has various inherited issues such as limitations in the planning approval procedure and land disputes which act as barriers to the development of the sector.

Although it is a big blow for the local construction industry, there is a promising demand for vertical living via convenient residential apartments with a fantastic potential for significant value appreciation. This makes it the best time to invest in residential apartment units allowing investors to earn a very high ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI). However, despite the growing demand, only the ongoing projects of Home Lands Skyline will be completed – given the current context of Sri Lanka.

Home Lands Skyline is an undisputed key player and pioneer in the local real estate industry with 10+ successful projects comprising over 2,100 units completed and handed over to its valuable customers. With a vision to create holistic homes that offer an elevated living experience by adhering to world-class construction standards, each completed project has been delivered with the highest standards and luxury facilities as promised. As a trusted household name, Home Lands Skyline takes pride in exceeding customer expectations and is now progressing with construction projects catering to over 1500 units - which are to be completed by end of 2022 and in the coming year.

Homelands Skyline is widely recognized for its unique and ground-breaking living concepts for apartment projects that offer luxury and opulence. It introduced the first-ever resort concept apartment in South Asia with Ariyana Resort Apartments in Athurugiriya with 352 apartments, the very first golf resort apartments in Sri Lanka - Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments in Piliyandala Kahathuduwa with over 1200 apartments and houses, and also Sri Lanka’s first theme park-style resort apartments and residencies project - Santorini Resort Apartments and Residencies in Negombo.

If you’re looking for a well-designed living space with world-class amenities and one that ensures high ROI and value for money, Home Lands Skyline is the place. For more information, visit www.homelandsskyline.lk or call us on 071 0 444 111 to get an appointment.