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The 5 most common pitfalls of buying a home and how to avoid them...

Purchasing a house is one of the greatest monetary decisions that you'll ever make. What's more, wit..

Benefits of living in the Greater Colombo area..

Are you thinking of moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the greater Colombo ..

What to Remember When Purchasing an Apartment in Sri Lanka..

Purchasing the apartment that you were looking forward to buying and saving up for it is a huge and ..

Luxury Apartments In Colombo Uniquely Crafted To Suit Your Needs..

The vibrant city of Colombo is bustling with new, luxury apartments designed to offer their resident..

Why Investing in Property is a Good Idea..

When looking to invest in a property, you will be considering a large investment where you will have..

Rent or Buy? – What are the benefits of buying as opposed to renting?..

If you've at any point thought about whether it is smarter to rent or purchase a house, you're not a..

5 Tips to Determine Your Apartment’s Value..

Knowing the value of your apartment is an incredibly important factor to look into and take into con..

What To Remember When Choosing A Location To Invest In..

When it comes to making any kind of investment it is important to make sure that you put in a large ..

6 Best Recommendations for Home Improvements..

The word renovation causes so much excitement! New colours, new designs, and just all-around a brand..

Green Living In Colombo, Everything You Need To Know..

When the world is focused on ensuring and working towards a greener tomorrow by implementing systems..

What To Remember When Moving Into Your New Home..

Moving into a new home can be quite exciting but moving into your dream home can exceed expectations..

How Has Social Media Affected Real Estate in Sri Lanka..

Technology has left its mark on almost every industry in Sri Lanka and globally in some way, shape o..

Furnish your new apartment absolutely free this Christmas with Homelands Skyline!..

Homelands Skyline has a mega offer just for you this season! Reserve your apartment before the 31..

Where To Invest In A Home If You Enjoy Peace Of Mind And Convenience..

Choosing to invest in one of Sri Lanka's luxury properties is a gateway to experiencing intense luxu..

Introducing the Wellness Centre and Spa at Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments & Reside..

Canterbury Golf Resort Apartments & Residencies is an innovative concept, located on 30 acres of..

How Has COVID 19 Impacted The Real Estate Market In Sri Lanka..

COVID 19 has been a disaster for many economies around the world. This distressing pandemic has had ..

Save Money While Building Your New Home..

Building a house can be an extremely costly affair if you don’t hire a good team or plan your budg..

How to Value Your Apartments for Sale in Sri Lanka..

Knowing the worth of your apartment is essential, especially if you decide to sell it in the future..

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